Choose the Best to Work on Your Dental Implant

Choose the Best to Work on Your Dental Implant

Evansville, IN: Make an appointment for implant dentistry

Are you in need of a dental implant? Sitzman & Wolf Dentistry can provide you with a referral to a qualified oral surgeon or periodontist in the Evansville, Indiana area. Patients throughout the region trust us for our comprehensive examinations and smart recommendations. Call 812-423-6662 today to schedule a dental implant consultation at our office.

We can complete work on your new dental implant

Has the first stage of your dental implant procedure finished healing? Sitzman & Wolf Dentistry can complete any further work you may need. Our Evansville, IN dentists are experienced in restorative work related to:

  • Implant Crowns
  • Implant Supported Bridges
  • Implant supported dentures

Your new dental implants weren’t exactly inexpensive – let us help you keep them looking great and functioning well! Contact our Evansville office today to learn more about our implant care services.